Upgrade Notes

Upgrading to 1.0.0rc1

  • The default argument to session.get_config_variable() has been removed. If you need this functionality you can use:

    value = session.get_config_variable() or 'default value'

Upgrading to 0.104.0

  • Warnings about imminent removal of service/operation objects are now printed to stderr by default. It is highly encouraged that you switch to clients as soon as possible, as the deprecated service/operation object is going away. See Upgrading to Clients for more information.

Upgrading to 0.66.0

  • The before-call and after-call events have been changed such that their model for the operation is sent instead of the operation object itself.
  • The interface to waiters via Service.get_waiter has changed. An endpoint is now required when creating the waiter via get_waiter() instead of when calling the waiter waiter.wait(endpoint, **kwargs).

Upgrading to 0.65.0

  • get_scoped_config() will now include credentials from the shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials) if present.

Upgrading to 0.64.0

  • botocore.parameters has been split into several different modules (validate, serialize, and model). If you were using the Operation.call method, you are unaffected by this change.
  • A botocore.client module has been added. This is the preferred interface into botocore going forward.
  • Response keys that are no longer in the HTTP response are not mapped to default values in the response dict.
  • ResponseMetadata is now always added to any successful response
  • Errors has been switch from a list of errors to a single Error key. Also consistently populate the Error dict on errors.

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